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Use neodymium magnets to build an irrigation pump

You can make your own irrigation pumps by using neodymium magnetics. These tiny magnets can hold dentures together and are also used in corrective equipment. Coated neodymium magnets are highly effective, and have improved corrosion resistance. These pumps can be magnetically coupled which means that one powerful ring attaches to a shaft that connects to the impeller.

rare earth magnets are a great way to lower costs and create high-quality irrigation systems. The pump’s design and materials must be compatible with your materials. You must ensure that the pump’s durability is maintained. Double-layered containment shells will keep the pump cool in contact with solids. Once you’ve made a pump, you can add an outer jacket and a cooled pump.

Fintel Farms in Nebraska conducted a controlled performance study and found that the irrigation system using strong magnets increased the soil’s capacity to retain water. The result was increased crop growth, decreased energy costs, and reduced fertigation. Another case study came from Brian Prine, Director of Maintenance at Cal State Bakersfield, California. His crew collected soil samples outdoors to measure the amount moisture retained by soil.

The magnets are made from a silvery-magnetic hooks called neodymium. Neodimium is reactive and turns yellow when exposed to the air. The coated forms of Neodimium don’t protect them against further oxidation so they should be kept out of the air. Neodymium reacts slowly when mixed with cold water, but rapidly with hot. You should store them in a safe place.

The water from the magnetic water treatment has been shown to improve magnetic hooks and chemical constituents in chickpea. Its benefits in terms of crop yield and chemical composition have been studied by McMahon and P.V. Kamat. Other studies examine the impact of magnetic treatment upon seed germination. has been proven to be effective in agriculture in countries like Australia, Russia, Bulgaria, and the United States.https://www.youtube.com/embed/MSywTfHVJ4A

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