How to Block Vehicle GPS Tracking: Find & Block the Tracker (2024)

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1Use a plug-in GPS blocker.

2Carry a handheld GPS blocker.

3Wrap the GPS device in aluminum foil.

4Remove the GPS tracker’s battery.

5Disable location tracking on your cell phone.

6Search the exterior of your vehicle.

7Examine the interior of your vehicle.

8Find the GPS device with a handheld locator.

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Co-authored byJason Shackelfordand Dan Hickey

Last Updated: June 7, 2024Fact Checked

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A vehicle’s GPS tracker can be incredibly helpful for navigation, but how can you block it if you suspect someone is using it to track you? GPS tracker blockers are often expensive and illegal to use, but there are other methods to disable GPS signals for your privacy. We’ve put together a thorough list of ways to block, disable, and find your vehicle’s GPS trackers. If you’re ready to cruise in privacy, read on.

Best Ways to Block a Gps Tracker

  • Plug a GPS blocker into your car's cigarette lighter or power outlet.
  • Wrap your vehicle's GPS device in aluminum foil or a metal box whenever you want to hide your location.
  • Find the GPS tracker and remove the batteries to stop the signal from transmitting.


Use a plug-in GPS blocker.

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  1. A plug-in GPS blocker creates an interference signal that blocks vehicle GPS tracking. Simply plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter or auxiliary power outlet. When you turn the car on, the blocking device also turns on and your vehicle disappears from GPS monitors. To deactivate it, turn your car off or remove the device.[1]

    • Double check the description before purchasing to determine if the blocker has a wide enough range to suit your needs.
    • Generally, more expensive trackers block signals within a wider radius than cheaper ones.
    • Keep in mind that it’s not illegal to own a GPS blocker, but it is illegal to use one in most cases since they can interfere with emergency communications.
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  1. A handheld blocker jams GPS signals from the palm of your hand. Instead of plugging it into your vehicle, manually activate the device with a button or switch. Remember to turn off or deactivate the device when you stop driving (or else you’ll continue to scramble GPS and cell signals around you).[2]

    • Operating a GPS blocker is illegal in the majority of cases since it can jam or scramble emergency communications. Keep this in mind if you’re considering purchasing one.


Wrap the GPS device in aluminum foil.

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  1. Any electrically conductive metal will scramble a GPS device’s signals. The simplest, cheapest, and easiest option is to simply wrap the GPS device in aluminum foil whenever you want your location to remain hidden. The only catch is that you have to know where the tracker is and have access to it.[3]

    • A metal box can also effectively block your vehicle’s GPS tracker, assuming it can be easily removed and put into a box.
    • If you suspect there’s a hidden GPS device in your car, search the underbody, under the hood, in data ports, and under the seats or carpet to find, remove, and wrap it.
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Remove the GPS tracker’s battery.

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  1. If the GPS tracker has no battery, it can’t transmit a signal. First, locate the GPS tracker. If it’s connected to your vehicle by a magnet or a data connector plug, just tug the device free and remove the battery to stop the signal. Afterward, dispose of the battery and GPS device to ensure it doesn’t continue to transmit your location.

    • If the GPS tracker is hardwired to your vehicle, it’s best to have a professional mechanic remove it to avoid causing electrical problems to your car.


Disable location tracking on your cell phone.

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  1. Cell phones reveal your location as easily as a GPS system. The easiest way to mask your location is to turn on “Airplane Mode” (this turns off the cell and WiFi radios). Then, turn off your location services, reporting, or history in your phone’s settings app to turn off the GPS tracking.

    • On some phones, Airplane Mode will also turn off the GPS radio.
    • Turn the phone off and remove the battery to ensure you can’t be tracked. The downside is that you won’t be able to use your phone at all while it’s off.
    • Some sources suggest using a cell phone jammer to block GPS signals. While this does work, it is illegal to operate a jammer in the United States.[4]
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Search the exterior of your vehicle.

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  1. GPS trackers can be taped or magnetically attached to the outside of your car. Search for suspicious looking boxes, probably with antennas. Use a flashlight to look in hard-to-reach areas like the undercarriage or in the wheel wells. Here are some of the most likely places to find a tracker:[5]

    • The undercarriage, particularly on or near the fuel tank.
    • Inside the wheel wells.
    • Underneath the front or rear bumpers.
    • On the roof (if you have a tall SUV or truck).
    • Inside the sunroof’s retraction slot.
    • Under the hood (most likely behind the radiator, by the batteries, in the air ducts, or in the air filter).


Examine the interior of your vehicle.

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  1. GPS trackers can be discreetly plugged in or hidden inside your car too. This is probably only the case if you suspect that someone you know (who has access to your car) planted a device, like a spouse or an ex. Search these common places where they might hide one:[6]

    • In the diagnostic port (usually to the bottom left of the steering wheel).
    • Under the seats (or even inside the upholstery).
    • Underneath floor mats.
    • Underneath the carpet.
    • In the trunk or hatchback.
    • Plugged into the data collector (usually on the underside of the steering wheel).
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Find the GPS device with a handheld locator.

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  1. This handy tool detects outgoing GPS signals from your vehicle. Use one of these if you can’t visually find the GPS device inside or outside your vehicle. Stand within 5 metres (16ft) of your vehicle and do a full scan. If a GPS signal is detected, the locator will beep and flash.

    • Scan your vehicle multiple times since not all GPS systems transmit a constant signal.
    • Handheld GPS locators can be found online and are sometimes called electric sweepers.
    • Locating devices will find an active or real time GPS tracker, but can’t find a passive or logger tracker.

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      • In the US, it’s illegal to block or tamper with GPS devices that have been put in vehicles for law enforcement purposes. If you discover a GPS device and aren’t sure what its legal status is, ask your local law enforcement.


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      • GPS blocking or scrambling is often a violation of federal law if it interferes with authorized radio communications.[7]


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      • If the GPS device is attached by a magnet or a plug, you can remove it yourself. If it’s hardwired into your car’s electrical system, it should be removed by a professional.[8]


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      • If you suspect there is a GPS tracker in your vehicle and you can’t find it, consult a professional mechanic or GPS installer.


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      • These GPS blocking tips work for real time trackers that constantly transmit a signal. They will not do anything to a logger tracker, which stores location information and has to be physically hooked up to a computer to show the information.


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      How to Block Vehicle GPS Tracking: Find & Block the Tracker (2024)


      How to Block Vehicle GPS Tracking: Find & Block the Tracker? ›

      The signal from a GPS tracking device can also be blocked by a jamming device. GPS Jammers work by producing a white noise radio signal that is transmitted around the same frequency as the GPS satellites. This can block out the signals to GPS tracking devices and navigation systems.

      Can you block a GPS tracker on your car? ›

      The signal from a GPS tracking device can also be blocked by a jamming device. GPS Jammers work by producing a white noise radio signal that is transmitted around the same frequency as the GPS satellites. This can block out the signals to GPS tracking devices and navigation systems.

      Which GPS tracker cannot be jammed? ›

      On the other hand, GPS trackers that cannot be jammed use alternative technologies such as the LoRa network, the Sigfox network or the satellite network.

      Does aluminum foil block GPS tracking? ›

      If you're looking to block GPS signals, wrapping aluminum foil around a GPS device is a common and successful way to do so. Aluminum foil induces a phenomenon known as Faraday Cage to disrupt the reception of GPS signals. This creates a barrier that prevents radio waves from reaching the GPS device.

      Can you disable GPS tracker on car? ›

      Another way to disable a GPS tracker is to wrap the device in tinfoil. This blocks out any cellular or satellite signal from reaching the device. Any electrically-conductive metal will interfere with incoming and outgoing GPS signals. This is a cheap and easy method to prevent yourself from being tracked.

      Can I legally remove a GPS tracker I find on my car? ›

      If you find yourself at the receiving end of illegal tracking, it is advisable to seek professional help, such as mechanics or other electronic technicians, in finding the tracker and disposing it. You can also seek help from law authorities to find who placed the tracker there.

      What disrupts GPS? ›

      In some cases, satellite malfunction or solar flares can temporarily disrupt the transmission of GPS signals. A GPS jammer is different though in that it sends out radio signals or signal noise with the same frequency as the GPS device, to override or distort the GPS satellite signals.

      What happens when you unplug a GPS tracker? ›

      The plug-and-play devices work when the car is plugged in, not when it is disconnected. It is simple to disable. Also, the devices have an internal antenna and battery to keep sending the signals. When unplugged, the device notifies the owner.

      Can a tracker be disabled? ›

      Once a GPS tracking device is located, it can be disabled. Beyond simply removing the battery, it is possible to stop the GPS signal.

      How do you completely block a tracker? ›

      How to Block Vehicle GPS Tracking
      1. 1 Use a plug-in GPS blocker.
      2. 2 Carry a handheld GPS blocker.
      3. 3 Wrap the GPS device in aluminum foil.
      4. 4 Remove the GPS tracker's battery.
      5. 5 Disable location tracking on your cell phone.
      6. 6 Search the exterior of your vehicle.
      7. 7 Examine the interior of your vehicle.

      Can a cell phone detect a GPS tracker? ›

      An unknown tracker alert is sent when someone else's tracker device is separated from them and if your Android phone detects the tracker is traveling with you and out of Bluetooth range from the owner. The notification alerts you to the tracker and tells you how to find it and what to do next.

      Will a magnet stop a tracker? ›

      The magnetic field doesn't affect the GPS signal, unless the magnet covers up the GPS antenna. Then it would block the signals like any other metal shield would.

      What blocks a GPS tracker? ›

      The easiest method of disabling a GPS monitoring device is to place it in a metal container. Any electrically conducting metal will reflect and absorb inbound and outgoing signals. It will stop working as a result of this. Tinfoil may be used to cover a GPS tracker, but copper and even silver can also be used.

      How do you get trackers to stop tracking you? ›

      How To Stop Being Tracked Online
      1. Use ad blockers and anti-track tools.
      2. Try a data privacy-focused browser.
      3. Turn on Google's “Do Not Track” feature.
      4. Hide your browsing history with a VPN.
      5. Regularly clear your cache and cookies.
      6. Adjust your device-level privacy settings.
      7. Browse in incognito mode.
      Feb 6, 2024

      How do I stop someone from tracking my GPS? ›

      1. Scan for and remove spyware. ...
      2. Remove suspicious apps. ...
      3. Disable location services on your phone. ...
      4. Check for tracking devices. ...
      5. Update app permissions. ...
      6. Use anti-track software online. ...
      7. Turn off image auto-load in your email client. ...
      8. Hide your IP address with a VPN.
      Feb 15, 2024

      What to do if someone puts a GPS tracker on your car? ›

      If you find a tracker in your car or other belongings and suspect that someone is tracking you without your consent, the first thing to do is contact help and get to a safe location. Bear in mind if someone is tracking you they can likely see where you're going, so use your best judgment on the safest course of action.

      Is there an app that can detect a tracking device on a car? ›

      Tracker Detect looks for items that are separated from their owner and that are compatible with Apple's Find My network. These items include AirTag and compatible devices from others.


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