Is It Illegal To Remove GPS Tracking Device On Car? (2024)

Is It Illegal To Remove GPS Tracking Device On Car – What You Need To Know!

Have you recently found a real time GPS tracker on your car and aren’t sure what to do next? Discovering one can be unsettling and invasive, but before removing it, it’s crucial to understand why it’s there. In some instances, removing the device may be appropriate, while in other cases, it may be illegal to do so. Now we come to the big question: is it illegal to remove GPS tracking device on car? In this article, we will explore the legal and ethical implications of removing a GPS tracker from your vehicle. Let’s dive in!

Is It Illegal To Remove A GPS Tracker From A Financed Car – Loan Agreements

Car dealerships often install GPS trackers on financed cars to protect their financial interests. Since the dealership technically owns the vehicle until the buyer or lessee pays off the loan, they have the legal right to track the car’s location.

Removing a GPS tracker from a financed car without the dealership’s permission is illegal. Doing so violates the terms of the loan agreement and could result in legal action by the dealership, including repossession of the car.

While some car buyers may be uncomfortable with the idea of being tracked, it’s important to remember that the tracker is not intended to spy on the owner. Instead, it serves as an insurance policy for the dealership in case the buyer fails to make payments.

If you have concerns about the use of GPS trackers on financed cars, it’s important to raise them with the dealership before signing a loan agreement. You can ask questions about the dealership’s tracking policy and request more information about how the data is used.

It’s also essential to read the terms of the loan agreement carefully before signing. This will help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a car buyer or lessee, including the dealership’s right to track the vehicle.

If you believe that a GPS device was installed on your financed car without your knowledge or consent, you may have grounds to challenge the installation. In such cases, it’s best to consult with a legal expert who can help you understand your legal rights and options.

14 Situations Where Removing A GPS Tracker Is Legal Or Illegal

When It May Be Legal To Remove A GPS Tracking Device

  • The tracking device was installed without your consent or knowledge
  • You are the legal owner or lessee of the car
  • The GPS device was installed by a private investigator without a court order
  • The hidden GPS tracker was installed by a law enforcement agency without a warrant or probable cause
  • You have a court order allowing the removal of the tracker device
  • The GPS car tracker is causing interference with the vehicle’s electrical system

When It May Be Illegal To Remove A GPS Tracking Device

  • The car is financed or leased, and the device was installed as part of the loan agreement
  • The tracking system was installed by a law enforcement agency with a warrant and probable cause
  • The personal tracker was installed to track the location of a suspected sex offender
  • The GPS vehicle tracking system was installed as part of a court order or criminal sentence
  • You knowingly installed the device on someone else’s car without their consent
  • You removed the GPS device from a car that you do not legally own or lease
  • Removing the GPS locator violates state or federal penal code
  • The installation of the device was lawful, and there is no legal reason to remove it

In general, the legality of removing a GPS tracking device from a car depends on the specific circ*mstances of the case. If you have questions about the legality of removing a device, it’s important to seek the advice of a legal expert, such as a criminal defense attorney or law firm.

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For more information on where is the best place to put a GPS tracking device please check out this article!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Sex Offender Remove Their GPS Tracking Bracelet?

Absolutely not! GPS locators are used to ensure that sex offenders are complying with their parole or probation requirements and staying away from prohibited areas. If a sex offender removes a GPS tracking bracelet, they could face serious criminal consequences.Why? It is a violation of the terms of their parole or probation, and they could be charged with a new offense for tampering with electronic monitoring equipment. In many states, tampering with a GPS tracking device is a felony offense, and a sex offender who removes their bracelet could be subject to additional penalties, including prison time.

Is It Legal For Law Enforcement To Monitor My Location With A GPS Car Tracker?

Law enforcement agencies must have a valid search warrant to legally track your location using a GPS tracking device. The Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that warrantless GPS tracking is unconstitutional.

Can My Boss Install A GPS Vehicle Tracking Device On My Car Without My Consent?

In most states, employers are required to notify their employees if GPS tracking devices will be installed on company-owned cars. Otherwise, it could be a violation of privacy laws.

Author - Ryan Horban

Is It Illegal To Remove GPS Tracking Device On Car? (2024)


Can you get in trouble for removing a GPS tracker from a car? ›

Removing a GPS tracker from a financed car without the dealership's permission is illegal. Doing so violates the terms of the loan agreement and could result in legal action by the dealership, including repossession of the car.

Can you disable a car tracking device? ›

Use a plug-in GPS blocker.

To deactivate it, turn your car off or remove the device. Double check the description before purchasing to determine if the blocker has a wide enough range to suit your needs. Generally, more expensive trackers block signals within a wider radius than cheaper ones.

Which states have laws prohibiting GPS tracking? ›

In six states (California, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Virginia) laws more broadly prohibit the use of electronic tracking devices, not just on vehicles, and not just in the context of stalking, but when they are used to determine the location or movement of a person without consent.

What is the legality of law enforcement using GPS tracking devices on vehicles? ›

California. California penal code 637.7 prohibits using an electronic tracking device to determine the location or movement of a person. This law does not apply to a vehicle's owner, lessor or lessee or law enforcement.

Can I sue someone for putting a tracker on my car? ›

The legality of using a GPS tracker on another person's vehicle without their permission is clear—it is illegal in all 50 states. Not only does this act violate legal standards, but it also exposes the individual to potential civil lawsuits for privacy infringements.

What to do if someone puts a GPS tracker on your car? ›

Third, we recommend involving the police before you deactivate or remove the GPS tracker if you believe that you are in danger. The removal or deactivation of a tracker will alert the person who placed it to your discovery, which could put you in more danger. It's better to ensure that you have protection on your side.

How to block a GPS tracking signal? ›

The easiest method of disabling a GPS monitoring device is to place it in a metal container. Any electrically conducting metal will reflect and absorb inbound and outgoing signals. It will stop working as a result of this. Tinfoil may be used to cover a GPS tracker, but copper and even silver can also be used.

Can you remove a tracking device? ›

Common spots include the inside of bumpers, wheel wells, or underneath the car on metallic surfaces due to their magnetic nature. Once located, simply lift or pull them off the vehicle. They're typically easy to remove as they're just adhered magnetically.

Can I disable trackers? ›

Set your devices to “do not track”

Most devices and browsers have a “do not track” setting which will block tracking cookies and tell websites that you don't want them to track your activity online. You can search online to find a guide on how to enable “do not track” on your preferred browser.

Can the police put a tracker on your car without you knowing? ›

Police officers regularly use GPS trackers to follow potential suspects and can install a GPS tracker on your vehicle without your knowledge. But what if it is installed on your vehicle without the police first obtaining a warrant? You should immediately contact a lawyer at The Juba Law Office for help.

What does a dealership tracker look like? ›

Compact Design: Wireless GPS trackers are small and discreet, often resembling matchboxes or decks of cards, making them easy to hide within a vehicle's interior. Magnetic Casing: Many trackers feature magnetic casings, allowing them to slide under the vehicle and attach to the frame securely.

Is it illegal to put an AirTag on a car? ›

Using tracking devices for stalking, harassment, or any other illegal activities is prohibited and can lead to serious legal consequences. Make sure you have a legal right to place an AirTag on the car. If the car is jointly owned, this is likely not an issue.

Is there a warrant for GPS tracking? ›

January 24, 2012. On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the police are required to obtain a search warrant in order to use GPS technology to track someone suspected of committing a crime.

Is it legal for a private investigator to put a tracker on a car? ›

As a private detective, you need to identify it. Otherwise, you may have to face lawsuits. An investigator license permits an investigator to follow someone. Once it is clear that the reason is legal and they have no intention to hurt someone, a private investigator can put a GPS tracker on a vehicle or belongings.

Do law enforcement investigators need a warrant to place a GPS tracker on someone's car? ›

Law Enforcement, the 4th Amendment and Covert GPS Tracking

However, in that year, the Supreme Court ruled that the government and law enforcement agents are not permitted to install GPS devices on someone's vehicle unless a signed warrant is first obtained by a judge.

What happens when you cut a GPS tracker on your car? ›

Once someone cuts the wires of the car location tracker the device's built-in battery will also continue to power the device, and the device will still be able to maintain the positioning function for 1-2 hours. Owners can track the location of their vehicles and recover lost property in two hours.

How do you know if your car has a tracker from the dealership? ›

First, check with the salesperson or manager who sold you the car. They may be able to tell you if a tracker was installed during the sale. If not, they should be able to give you the contact information for the person who installed any tracking devices on the car. Next, take a look around the exterior of your car.


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